There’s A Problem

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What is the state of our world?  There’s a big problem-a problem that exists in the minds of both adults and teens. Younger and older women suffer from insecurities about what they look like. When they look in the mirror they don’t like, not what they see, but who they see. Both older and younger gentlemen suffer from promiscuity and lustful actions. There was a time when people would say, “But everyone is doing it,” and it wouldn’t be true. But in my eyes, if this is said today, it would be true. What is the problem?

It seems as if we’re all targets being struck by the same missile. Personally, at times, I become completely frustrated that I can’t watch a commercial segment without having innuendos, breast, or hips thrown across the screen. While men are visual this definitely doesn’t help. And within the same commercial meant to cause men to lust, women feel inadequate by that same body and face. And this can appear vice versa, but usually either sex won’t admit to this. Usually men won’t admit to being insecure by the guy with the six-pack selling body spray, and usually women won’t admit to lusting after that same guy, but there are exceptions.

However, what is the problem? Have companies stooped so low as to attack the lower parts of the human psyche, that they could care less about the repercussions of having a society full of instinctual none thinking human beings. Of course, I know the answer. Sex sells, but I’m tired of hearing this as an excuse.  If sex sells, why isn’t selling a product with sex as a guise illegal since prostitution is illegal? Prostitution is the selling of sex right?  Oh yeah, you really don’t get the sex. All you get are some images, and no, they don’t have a hand in your premarital sex activity or infidelity. If athletes and celebrities are reprimanded for their sexual escapades because they are the rudimentary element to public influence, why not big companies also who, by their advertisements, have more influence than the athlete?

Why should women feel inadequate because they’re fed false air brushed beauty. The bodies these people display requires daily rigorous exercise  to be maintained, which takes up time that the common person doesn’t have. Research and science prove that we are definitely affected by images and our non-conscious mind is bombarded daily by them. So, what is the problem? The problem is money talks and people listen, but the average person being affected doesn’t get paid a dime, but the one thing that cost the most is taken away from them, their minds and self-worth.

There’s a problem and it doesn’t seem anyone is working on it. There’s a problem. Can you see it? Do you feel it?



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7 responses to “There’s A Problem

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. Money does talk! Sadly, we are being fed these false images and chasing after a false image that we will never attain. I’m glad you brought this topic up because it was very insightful and eye-opening.


  3. Absolutely Lakia. Thank you.

  4. Yes Jaylin, it’s a huge problem that our society is facing. Thanks for stopping by.

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