Desire Comes From the Stars

Desire. What is desire? We desire so much. Sometimes desire is good if we desire for good, and sometimes desire is bad, for hopefully, obvious reasons. The online dictionary tells us that desire is to hope, expect, wish, and to want strongly. Or, the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state. I truly enjoy the latter definition for reasons that I’ll disclose later.

But what probably sheds more light on this word comes from what I recently

Attributed to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

learned. I learned that desire comes from the Latin word “de sidere,” meaning, “From the stars.” That may seem odd that desire comes from the stars, but then again, after putting it like that it may not. Yes, desire comes from the stars, and the desire that I’m referring to here isn’t a desire for a new red Ferrari or more change in your pocket as in dollars, but for more change period. A desire to solve a problem that will bring a change to something.

This is the logic behind why I like desire described as, “a feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state.” You’ve heard it before, “You are here to solve a problem.” But, do you believe it. Do you believe that you are here on this earth to solve a problem and bring change to something? Within your desire is a purpose, and I’m not sure, but most say you’re given a set amount of time to accomplish your purpose, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I do believe that all the days of your life you will feel unsatisfied until your desire meets your purpose.

You may feel insignificant, and you may think that your purpose is infinitesimal compared to others, but remember your purpose, which ultimately comes by way of desire, arrived at your destination by way of the stars. Look up into the heavens at night and marvel in all the glory. To think that your desire for change comes from such beauty is captivating. Of course, stars are unintelligent so the early linguists were referring to God. The only One who can sit with the stars.

I encourage you never to overlook what you feel strongly about. Never overlook what bothers you to the point that you want change. Yes, you are one person, but remember you have the only intelligence on your side that is able to sit in the glory of the stars. Even God used the stars to spur Abraham’s desire. Go figure.


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