Public Speaking Open Discussion

Attributed to Ricardo Francone

Motivational and inspirational speaking is king in the self-improvement industry. When you think about self-improvement, you think about motivational speakers. Of course, there are books, CD’s and DVD’s available but nothing quite says self-improvement like mounting a stage and speaking to a crowd about how to improve their lives. Like any other activity that involves capturing and keeping the attention of the crowd, it takes special skill to be able to do so. Motivational and Inspirational speaking is nothing short of an art form. 

This gives segue to my question. I’ve noticed how other forms of art and entertainment have evolved over the years. If you study paintings for instance you will see how each artist found their own way to express themselves. Recently I’ve seen painters paint with Po-Go sticks instead of brushes. Paint and any form of a canvas are the base elements, but they found another avenue by which to show expression. There are different forms of music but instruments and voice are the base elements. Sculptures are made in different shapes and forms but the base elements are material and a definite shape even if it’s abstract. My point is this, is the art form of motivational speaking ready to evolve. For years we’ve seen the same thing. People come and sit in a room while the speaker tries to keep the audience awake. Are there other ways the speaker can express their content? Of course their voice and their content are the base elements but how can motivational speaking evolve? Or should it evolve? I’m looking forward to your answers.



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5 responses to “Public Speaking Open Discussion

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  2. It is my pleasure. Thank you Ricardo.

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