Charles is a personal trainer, author, and speaker who thrives on seeing improvement of all people whether it’s in the gym or in life. He is eager to show you how to transform your life by transforming your mind. As a personal trainer who has worked with professional athletes, the elderly, college aged students, on down to elementary students, Charles has seen it all and he has improved it all with his knowledge base and his hunger to see improvement. Leaning to his calling to see people think at the highest level they are capable, Charles was inspired and eager to place together this book.You may be wondering what does a personal trainer know about the mind? Well, what is an expert?

Is not an expert someone who is informed on their given field and stays informed? Yes, so then you have it. For as long as Charles can remember he was fascinated with the way people thought. Whether it was positive successful thinking or negative deafiest thinking, to at one point he thought he was weird for caring so much! Thank God he didn’t listen to that little voice in his head.

 He has now become a container of wisdom in transforming the mind. His work with professional athletes has shown him clearly what it takes to be called a professional. And as Charles likes to tell his clients, “When you come into this gym, you are not working on your body, you are working on your mind.” Charles understands that being the best in life takes more mental effort and focus than any physical effort could ever produce. Also, Charles’ teaching style is, what he considers, the best teaching style to date.

What is his teaching style?Parallels! Charles feels if you can understand and are familiar with how one distinguishing process or object behaves, you can draw an effective parallel to something that you are not as familiar with. So then, if you want to understand your mind better, then just understand your body better, and as Charles is a very knowledgable personal trainer he will draw effective parallels for you so that you can understand your mind. Sounds simple right! And it is!

From studying the great mind’s who have come before him, who Charles gives great honor and respect to for their thoughts and ideas for transforming the mind, Charles has picked up the torch and will continue to enlighten the world with his knowledge and most importantly, wisdom. He hopes that you will join him in his quest to help you transform your mind. Pick up a copy of Charles’ new book, Mental Fitness: Transforming Minds, A Personal Trainer’s Guide.

Stretch, Build & Flex Your Mind Toward Success

   Is it possible for you to transform your mind for better results in everything you do? 



Dear Mental Fitness Candidate,

Can anyone from any background at any level of intelligence transform their mind to be mentally fit? Through my years as an ardent student of studying the mind I can tell you that it’s not only possible…it’s PRACTICAL! My book, Mental Fitness: Transforming Minds, A Personal Trainers Guide, draws an effective parallel to how the body is trained in the gym to how the mind is trained in life…and it gives you action steps so you can implement these exercises immediately.

There Is No Doubt The People Who Stop at These 12 Stations Will See An Improvement In Their Lives…IF… Performed Correctly
 After my stint as a promising professional athlete, my personal training of professional athletes and others, I have broken down what it takes to transform the mind into exercise stations that are easy and simple to understand. Here are the exercise stations you will visit.



Station 1- The Warm-Up: Take A Lap with Me

Station 2-Stretching the Mind: Full Range of (E) motion

Station 3- Mind Composition: Pull Out the Measuring Tape and Mind-Fold Caliper

Station 4- Losing Weight: Step on My Mental Scale

Station 5- Mental Strength: Bench-Press Your Problems

Station 6- Mental Endurance: Breathe Inspiration to Sustain Life and Health

Station 7- Arriving at Your Destination

Station 8- Preparation for Success

Station 9- Determination and Persistence

Station 10- Progress

Station 11- Being A Good Steward

Station 12- Living

Mental Fitness Mistakes

  •  Lack of Awareness: A lack of awareness is what causes most people to never to succeed beyond their current level. In order to become more successful and achieve your dreams you must be aware. We become aware by will. We have to want to know about ourselves and others, and especially the thoughts of others. Why do things work as they do, why do people think as they do, why do I have the results in my life that I have. To answer these profound questions there  first must be a level of awareness. You must warm your mind up to the thoughts of others and become familiar with those thoughts, and understand the world around you.
  • A disregard for Stretching: As a personal trainer I have seen how much people hate to stretch. If they could jump right to the workout and exercising phase they would. Why do people have a disregard for stretching? Because they don’t see any immediate benefits, but mainly because it hurts. But just like physical exercise, exercising the mind would cause one to stretch outside their comfort zone, which has no immediate benefits, but has to be maintained as a daily requirement for extended success.

  • Too much junk!: Junk food and junk information. Both play havoc on our system. One is the bodily system and the other is our belief-system. We have to be aware of the junk we feed ourselves daily. Mentally we take in so much trash on a daily basis that is deplorable. Be sure to feed yourself healthy mind food daily.

  • Lack of inspiration: If you want to live, you must breathe! What does this mean mentally. We all should have dreams and aspirations, and the only way those dreams and aspirations will survive is if we give them air, INSPIRATION. How do you inspire yourself? Do you inspire yourself? I hope so, because if you don’t your dreams and aspirations will never survive. BREATH HEAVILY AND DEEPLY.

If you want to avoid these mistakes and become mentally fit check out this book, and most importantly exercise with this book .



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