Yep, All Men Are The Same, GO FIGURE

If you heard it once, you heard it twice; you may have even heard it 1,000 times. The confident words that have poured from the mouths of so many women,

 “Men are all the same.”

That deserved its own line-You know, this use to bother me. I couldn’t stand the generalizations and it frustrated me in failed attempts to convince people otherwise, because in my mind me being a man and respecting women I couldn’t let that ride. But I’ve been doing some thinking. Is there any truth to this statement, “Men are all the same.” Well, after my very own personal analysis I would have to say yes, we are all the same. Go figure. After all this time the ladies were right! Now for all the guys reading this don’t be so quick to call me a “sell out” and for all the women don’t be so quick to cheer, because of course as you know, there is a twist.

All men are the same and I’ve come to accept that fact and not be ashamed of it. I’m a man. Like all men, we have the ability to be trifling cheating cold-hearted human beings. Why? Well if you break down our makeup that’s basically our most basic instinct. If you haven’t realized yet, we’re all spirit beings in animal bodies.

Seriously, think about it, the only thing that separates us from any other mammal is the fact that we can think and create. That’s it! So yeah, if a guy wants to operate out of his lower nature he will be a lying cheating dog. I won’t go into all the prehistoric attributes of the male psyche, because we didn’t always live in urbanized neighborhoods.

Fast forward thousands of years later down the human path of evolution and guess what you get, people who are well advanced in society but in mind still allow those animalistic behaviors to overrule them. Man’s most basic instinct is survival. So that means respect and making babies, and I mean as many babies as possible (or the act of). Why do some guys fight if someone steps out of line with them, because they’re acting out of their most basic survival instinct. If you’re not respected, you and your family are at risk of dying. That’s why its common sense for women to admire men who stand up for them, but I’ll get on women later. But why do guys cheat? For the same reason. It wasn’t called cheating thousands of years ago, it was called survival.

Now for the kicker and technical part. Human beings have the absolute right to the claim of what is called the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain right behind the forehead. No other animal’s brain is as developed in this area as ours. And what does the prefrontal cortex have control over? Our instinctual desires.

 For instance, another part of the brain which I’ll refer to as the “reptilian brain” is a part of the brain stem and is a part of the most basic and primitive brain. This part of the brain is instinctual. Like it says, it is the reptilian brain because this is the highest brain function in reptiles. What happens when a snake is threatened? It doesn’t want to talk it out does it?

 IT ATTACKS! So then the prefrontal cortex is like the snake charmer. For instance, when you want to cuss out your supervisor (reptilian brain) which is like the devil with a pitch fork on the left shoulder, if you exercise your prefrontal cortex enough the angel will sound its voice on your right shoulder saying, “Just think about the repercussions of cussing her out.” This is what makes us human. TEMPERANCE! This is what religion is for, to teach us temperance.  So what is the twist I mentioned earlier?

The twist is, yes, all men are the same. We all have to same desires and needs. By societal standards we all have the power to be trifling cold-hearted people. Is this okay? Nope! Why, because we have evolved to a higher standard of “being.” Plus, this instinctual function to the extent that I’m speaking of is no longer needed in our world.

As Maslow’s pyramid has a progression, the way our lives have evolved we are now able to truly experience and enjoy the wonders of what makes us human. Granted there are still millions of people around the world still living lives of sheer survival, but in some areas of the globe where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can be pursued we begin to work towards the front of the brain, which means acting instinctual now can hurt our delicate humans feelings, men and women both. So then, why don’t I care if someone tells me you’re like any other man, because it’s true. The only difference with me is the fact that I grew up exercising my prefrontal cortex (which is why I think it’s a mistake for parents to allow their children to grow up undisciplined, because they learn to be instinctual, spare the rod spoil the child holds true today) and am still working on wrestling control away from the reptilian brain. What makes anyone different? The thoughts they carry and the beliefs they hold. You could’ve easily grown up a racist or a sexist or a person of strength or a person of insecurities. I say this because I know someone is out there waiting to twist the words of this post, but I’ve explained myself thoroughly enough. Now for any woman who reads this may be scared out of her mind.

 But that’s another story and another topic. And ladies you aren’t off the hook either, I’ll get you in the next post. However, in the time being don’t let your imagination run away with you and be afraid or make accusations about your guy. As long as he is using his brain to take control over himself that’s all you can ask for and nothing more because there is none. Just trust and believe in his ability to become a better man.



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4 responses to “Yep, All Men Are The Same, GO FIGURE

  1. Eldrin Green

    Great read!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. You presented your case very convincingly. I learned some things. Thank you!

  3. You’re welcome, and thank you for stopping by.

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