Fountain of the Eye Part 2

attributed to GreenWhiteOrange

“But isn’t it good to place your soul in the world? Like we said earlier, the arts, the ideas, the inventions, isn’t that all from the soul’s of people?” Farrah asked.

“Yes you are right Farrah, but many people don’t know how to strategically place their soul out in the world for people to consume of, they allow their soul’s to be pulled from them in it’s infancy. It’s not good to put an infant child in the world to fend for itself, but a well trained adult can fend for itself.”

“Okay, but I still don’t see what this has to do with my dream,” Farrah said now anxious.

“Farrah, The Great All Mighty is calling you forth. He is giving you warning as to the nature of the beast. The beast is the system of this world, set-up an designed to place you in a hypnotic state and steal your life energy. Your life energy was given you by All Mighty to put forth His Kingdom in this land. This energy is very valuable and great. From it we get the arts, we get creativity, the sciences, inventions, philosophies, we get love, and kindness. This energy is stolen from people to help build a different kingdom. Very much diabolical and opposing to the Kingdom of Light. Many people believe that they are awake, but they are not. Whenever people allow their sensual nature to move unrestricted they are making the same mistake our first parents made. They step outside of the safety of themselves built perfect and suitable to accomplish their part of the construction and where they can receive all divine wisdom from the spring that swells forth, just to capture something that isn’t there. As our old mother said, “‘the wisdom of this world, cheated, outwitted, and deceived me.”’ Farrah, you are standing on the edge of wilderness, and you are sought to be tempted. There is a decision you need to make. You are thinking of venturing into the world because you feel as if you are wasting your life as a sheep herder. But I tell you Farrah, your life is saved. The Anointed One crushed the head of the wisdom of this world that deceived our father and mother, which He made a mockery of by making true wisdom as simple as believing,” the sage paused to gauge Farrah.

“Please continue,” Farrah said.

“You are seeing, but you have yet to desire. This is the meaning of your dream. You see fortunes being made, you see the young men disgracing themselves with strange women, you see people going about singing and dancing happy from strong drink, and you wonder about your life. But as the sage of this town, I urge you young man, the otherworldly pleasure you felt in your dream is only like a snake charmer of India playing his pungi who will seize you and steal from you. You have been called by All Mighty to stay awake, shake others, and awake them. But know young man, no one likes to be awakened from their sleep.” The old sage turned to pull something out of his wooded chest. What he pulled out was a purple cloth with golden fringes. Reaching in he partially slid out a scroll. “Here, I want you to take and read this. This will help you guard your soul.”

Farrah reached out as the sage dropped the scroll in his palms. Looking over it Farrah noticed an inscription on the scroll, “James, Brother of the Anointed One.” “Thank you sir, I will get this back to you as soon as possible,” Farrah said thankfully.

“No Farrah, it is okay, keep it. I rewrite the scrolls as often as possible and I only give them to those whom I’m prompted to. You are special Farrah” the old sage said, “keep your eyes on Him, delight in Him, desire more of Him, and commune with Him, starting now.”

After this was said of the old sage, Farrah pushed the scroll back in the cloth and proceeded out of the tent. He headed off with a smile on his face knowing his fountain would pour forth everlasting water that quenches all thirst.

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Fountain of the Eye

attribute to GreenWhiteOrange

Farrah, a young sheep herder, awoke from his sleep disturbed by events he just saw. Rising from his cot, he paced about his tent which stood on the countryside. Perplexed, he ran the vision through his mind over and over trying to make sense of it. Not being able to bring meaning to his dream he determined, “Three hours after the rising of the sun I will tell of these events to the town sage.”

The next morning, exactly three hours after the rising of the sun, Farrah ventured off to the dwelling of the old man who stayed one mile away. When reaching his destination, the old man was finishing his morning meditation and prayer which begins at the rising of the sun.

“Come on in young man, what is your name” the old sage said. “It looks as if something is troubling you.”

“Yes there is sir, may name is Farrah, may I have a seat?” Farrah asked humbly. “I had a dream last night that is truly disturbing to me. I can make no sense of it.”

“I am the town sage, am I not?” the old man asked.

“Yes sir, you are,” Farrah replied.

“Well then, I must help you see when interpreting the language of the All Mighty, one mustn’t rely on making it an understanding to the senses, but to the spirit. Now, tell me more of this dream young man.”

Farrah began, “It’s fairly simple sir, but amazing nonetheless. I stood on top of a beautiful tree. The fruit was beautiful to look upon, and I could feel the desire to pick and eat one. But then water began to pour from my eyes like an aqueduct flowing into a basin. I wasn’t crying or sad. I felt very good, otherworldly good to be exact. I felt, wise and powerful, and sensed an euphoric state that swept across my body. I”m sure to never capture this feeling again.”

“I see,” said the old sage as he began to write.

It seemed as if the old man had forgotten all about Farrah who was sitting before him waiting for an answer. Growing increasingly uncomfortable from the silence Farrah spoke up, cautiously clearing his throat, “Sir?”

“By analogy,” the old sage began “the eye is like a fountain.”

This immediate outburst with no apparent reference point startled Farrah. “A fountain? Like a water fountain you mean?” Farrah inquired.

“Yes, just like a water fountain. But only in this case, what proceeds from this fountain is your soul. Every time you open your eyes you pour forth in the world your soul. The more of your own soul you possess, the more of it you’ll pour forth in the world, and the more the world will either be poisoned or edified by it.

Farrah sat there for a second breaking into sizable chunks what was just said, because he knew it was something important with an underlying meaning. “What exactly is a soul?” Farrah asked.

“Your soul is consistent of your intellect, your will, and your emotions Farrah. I like to call them your tools, but that’s for another time, I see this matter will take up more time than we have allotted for today,“ the old sage said.

“So how is it that my soul is like water? Not to be disagreeing sir, but it seems as if my soul and water have nothing in common,” Farrah humbly retorted.

“Your soul is more like water than you think Farrah. What you think, how you feel, and what you will to happen can be easily molded by a vessel just like water can, but when focused can be very powerful. Even now, your intellect, your will, and your emotions, are held in invisible vessels called concepts, which appear in the form of words and thoughts.”

This confused Farrah. “How can a word be a vessel to my intellect or emotions?” Farrah inquired.

“A vessel is a container is it not?” the sage asked.

“Yes sir it is.” Farrah said.

“Well every vessel has a purpose. A reason for being. Right now, by your side is your water canteen, it’s duty is to hold water. Inside the canteen the water will take the shape of that vessel because of it’s essential nature. Therefore, the water imitates the vessel. It becomes. It holds it’s shape as long as the vessel holds it’s shape. A word is nothing more than a single distinct concept. A cause of effects. A concept is a frame of mind. A frame is a rigid structure that surrounds something. Are you understanding my point?” the old man asked.

“Yes sir, I believe I am. A word can frame your mind to it’s own likeness,” Farrah said, amazed at himself for articulating this thought.

“Yes, you have it. You want to frame your mind to the likeness of positive words.Therefore, whatever words you carry, are the very words you house your soul in. If you have self-defeating words, your soul will imitate self defeat. If you have empowering words, your soul will imitate empowerment. Every single word in your vocabulary encapsulates one small  piece of your soul. For this very reason is why I read from the Holy scrolls every morning. The mind which was in the Anointed One I want in me, and the only way for me to that is to house my soul in The Word.”

“Okay, but I don’t understand how this explains my dream sir. Are you saying that my soul is water?”

“No Farrah, your soul isn’t water but it can be compared to water. Your soul is intangible while water is tangible. Your soul has similar properties to water. Passed down through the years, it was said some alchemist discovered that water is composed of three parts. Now what those three parts are I can’t say. But I do know that the soul is composed of three parts and it is very similar in nature to water. Depending on the thought, the emotion, or the action, it can be easily molded to another frame or over a period of time molded, but it is never completely rigid,” the old sage said.

“Oh, I think I understand. So then my soul can be figuratively funneled and led into a basin like an aqueduct?”

“In its own way yes. With the invention of writing we’ve made that possible. The scrolls we read are nothing more than the soul of a person contained by the pages. When they focus their energy into their tasks they are pouring their souls into their work. So every great invention or thing made is stamped with that person’s signature.”

“Wow, I think I’m getting it now,” Farrah says catching on.

“Now back to the meaning of your dream. The water pouring forth from your eyes is your soul,” said the old sage.

“Right, because my eyes can be compared to a fountain,” Farrah said finally making sense of things.

“Yes, now your soul didn’t begin to pour forth until you began to desire from the tree,” the old sage stated.

“Yes that is true,” Farrah said.

“Farrah the thing that commenced the fall of humanity from his royal place was first what he saw. What significance can you find in that?” the sage asked.

Farrah began thoughtfully, “Well, I think it has something to do with the soul, right?”

“You would think correctly,” the sage laughed. “When mankind began to look for significance outside of himself, he forgot that significance is found within. Mankind was designed to live within himself and find pleasure from within where the Great Kingdom lies and from whence is the secret place of the All Mighty, but when he ventured outside to find pleasure he was lost and locked out. Every since he’s been trying to find how to open the door to return.”

Farrah sat there for a second taking everything in, “So you mean his soul was replenished by what was inside of him, I mean, he looked inside of himself for all he needed but then he looked for things outside of him to replenish him, and lost his way back. Is that what you mean?”

“You’re getting close Farrah,” the sage prompted him to continue.

“Well, that’s all I have,” Farrah said not able to continue.

“That’s okay Farrah, you’re doing well. When mankind began to desire the fruit of worldly wisdom which is separate from All Mighty, he subsequently opened his soul to sensual pleasures for now the knowledge of the world engulfed his soul and therefore brought him down to be like the beast of the field, a slave, reliant upon a system he once transcended. At one time man only needed his spirit to be fed to be alive, now he needs his sensual soul to be fed to feel alive.

“So removing myself from all sensuality will get me back to my royal place. How does this have anything to do with my dream?”

“Farrah what did the great teacher and Lord do before he was tempted by worldly desires?” the sage asked.

“He fasted for 40 days.” Farrah responded.

“Exactly, he removed Himself from sensual pleasures and even bodily satisfaction, because remember our first parents first saw, delighted, desired, and then ate. This is the succession of sin and blessing.”

“Wow, you’re right. We first see it, then become delighted with it, then we desire it, and then we consume of it, but what does this have to do with my dream” Farrah asked again.

“Farrah, delight comes from a word which means ‘to charm’. Do you not think that sin is charming. Do you not think that it is like a hypnotist that draws you in and does with you as it pleases. Sin is a charmer who delights in placing us in a state of sleep and unawareness. The great messenger in all his zealousness said “‘I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.”’

“Yes, I remember reading that in a scroll,” Farrah remembered.

“Farrah, delight is made of two words, ‘de’ and ‘light’. Or the cutting off of light. That is what delight of the sensual nature will do. It will cut us off from truth.”

“And all of this started with the eyes?” Farrah said agitated. “So what, we’re supposed to walk around with our eyes closed? That isn’t practical, sir” Farrah said bringing his tone back down.

“Well, take a look at the succession. You first must see, but seeing is essential to life so there is no discrepancy there. The next step is becoming delighted, this is where we have to make a decision. Our first parents saw the life-giving force of sin and even lived among it, but it’s when they began to take delight in it that they made a mistake. They made a mistake when their delight meant their estrangement from Father. When they arrived at desire, it was a done deal, because desire kindles an appetite that needs to be fed. The obedient King wrote, “‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”’ Delight yourself in what is good. For a time remove yourself from sensual things, sensual thoughts, and sensual behavior. Each time you do so, you take back a little bit more of your soul because the world desires to suck your well dry.”

….to be continued

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