What Matters Most: Tangibles or Intangibles

As those who understood the true meaning of life, we too should understand the true meaning of life. We too should begin to listen and learn in the same manner that those individuals who are long gone and those individuals who are still living have discovered and mastered.

These special people have warned us, what truly matters most are not the material temporal things but that which is on the inside. What matters most are those intangible qualities that supersede anything tangible and temporary. There is a great focus in this day on external and vacillating objects, which most believe will give them the intangible feelings of love and fulfillment that they desire.

But if you do a study on the most influential people through history you’ll find one similar thought, one similar idea, and one significant detail that constantly appear. And this one thought, this one idea, and this one significant detail is that they desired the intangible above the tangible. But as a result of desiring the intangible they acquired the tangible.

What does that mean? Andrew Carnegie, the steel tycoon, was quoted stating that he wasn’t in the steel building business that made him wealthy. He was in the men building business who made the steel which made him wealthy. Henry Ford believed that a miser was disgraceful, but charity was something honorable. Even now, as Bill Gates have requested that the wealthiest individuals give away half of their fortune, with some 57 who have agreed. These are examples of influential people who based their success and lives on intangibles. Is there a marked difference in billionaires than in millionaires, and a difference in millionaires than in the rest?

From what I can see, billionaires show a greater amount of compassion and love for all. Love is what governs their lives. Peace is something else that seems to be in their midst. I may be wrong but in public view this is their demeanor. Now this isn’t true for everyone, but for those who built their wealth from scratch and hold on to it, these are the qualities that they display. And all of which are intangible qualities that no amount of money can buy. But of course, they understand to a greater degree how to create wealth along with showing love and compassion.

At any rate, I believe that these people have found out the true meaning of life and how to live it. They live it from the inside out, and not the outside in. They affect their world and not the other way around. They are initiators and not spectators. Once again, all of which are intangibles. In this world of tangibles, the intangible rules. What is your take on this?


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