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 “Faith will always begin at the level of the unseen”

“Freedom is derived from words. We are free in America because of words in a document. We are spiritually free because of words in a book. We cannot grow ignorant of words. It’s the sole reason we are free. Or it can be the sole reason we are enslaved.”

“God speaks, we think”

“Don’t put success on credit. Work hard now and save up the wisdom you will need to pay full price for true and good success”

“Silence is the Mother of thought”

“Our subconscious mind greatest desire is to serve & protect, might as well train it to serve us with creativity and protect us from Mediocrity”

 “Faith creates a thing but work draws it out of the abyss.”

“Let God rep you. Words from a mans mouth are sweet today and bitter tomorrow. Let God tell people who you are and not the other way around.”

“Courage doesn’t come over night, but when it shows up it’s the result of constant encouragement. Be encouraged be courageous.”

“Good artists borrow; great artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso…’Great ideas start with the admiration of great people who thought them”

“Thought is the great equalizer, but it comes by thinking, and the task of thinking is what separates”

“The mastery of confidence is the mastery of life”

“To be creative you must think creative, and to think creative you must inspire your soul to be creative, and for the soul to be inspired to be creative, you must be willing to work hard and have fun and creativity will come”

“The brain is to the body as the heart is to the spirit. The brain determines where the body goes. The heart determines where the spirit goes. But what is valued directs the course of the heart. Therefore, guard what you perceive as valuable, for your existence depends on it.”

“Money is not what makes the world go around. Money is only a stand-in. Value is what makes the world go around. Value is what money portrays.”

“The love of service is the root of all good.”

“Experts say we are the equivalent of the five people we hang around most. That’s good for me because the friends I hang around most are on my bookshelf.”


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