The Erroneous Teaching of Creating Your Own Reality

Attributed to Ensee_89

“You create your own reality”

This has to be #2 on my dumbest advice list. And the people who teach it do a horrible job of it. For this to be “truth or universal law” this has to appear on all levels of existence, spiritual, mental, physical. If it isn’t it can neither be inherently “right” or a law. This is why people run into trouble when confronted with the question, “So did the Jews create the holocaust for themselves?” The answer is no.

 We are all observant of the same truth whether we know it or not, but sometimes we can’t depend on others who are aware of this truth to accept it. We are not separate from one another and we all have a connection to the same source, if someone then decides that they don’t want to see it for what it is then all others will be affected because of our common existence, it doesn’t mean its my fault or I brought it on myself (in some cases). The problem lays in the fact that people are led to believe the reality they create is separate from ALL others. If this was the case, as simple as it sounds if someone from China said, “Hey Charles this is my first time in Hampton, where is the courthouse?” If we had totally different realities no matter where I directed him he wouldn’t find the courthouse because that would be my reality.

Which then means we share a common reality that isn’t separate from one another. Depending on how I tell him to get there will determine if he gets there, some roads begin great, but end up dead ends. Sounds dumb I know, but if its dumb on this level its dumb on all others, just because you can’t see a thing doesn’t exclude it from carrying importance. What should be taught is that what you create is your own perspective of what’s real, and then you make it what you choose to make it. And for this very reason we have so many woes in the world, because what you decide to create will undoubtably be pressed on someone else.

 So for the sake of living harmoniously in the truth, be sure your decisions will ultimately end up on the road of truth, because then, everyone benefits.


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