Ladies Don’t Like Sensitive Guys, But They Love Jerks…Why?? Part 2

attributed to firstindy

In Part 1, we began with why women desire a man who knows how to be sensitive and not an all-out sensitive man. We determined that it was because of her natural filter or her perspective. Her perspective is based in security and in safety, so the guy she desires must be able to provide security and safety whether it’s in the forefront of her mind or not. Her perspective is a filter that filters out exactly what she’s looking for and exactly what she isn’t. She may not be able to put into words why one guy isn’t attractive to her, and the reason may be because her subconscious mind is making the decision without her conscious awareness, she just knows.

But, why do women love a powerful man. What is power? How can a man exude power? Wait, is desiring a man with power superficial? Let’s begin with the last question. I will constantly refer back to the idea of proclivities, because it is in our proclivities that motivates our actions. Her desire for a powerful man can become superficial if she isn’t knowledgeable about why she wants a powerful man.

She may begin to desire a man who drives a nice car, wears nice clothes, and makes a lot of money. Why? Because these items are symbolic of having power, but are not the source and meaning of power. Then why the nice car, nice clothes, and money? Well, because power is defined as, “the great ability to do or act”, or the ability to produce results. The symbols of power insinuate that a man is able to get things done and get results.

This goes back to the proclivity of security and safety in her most basic human needs. We haven’t always lived in urbanized neighborhoods with easy to access food and living material. Someone had to go out and find those things, they had to, “produce results.” So what if you don’t have a nice car, or nice clothes or lots of money? Can you still appear to be a powerful man? Yes you can. Here’s the secret.

 It’s actually very simple and it’s just this, “embody the straight line.” Women are attracted to what represents straight lines, while men are attracted to what represents curved lines. So embody the straight line. How do you do that? Here are some tips: Walk straight or in straight lines, know definitely where you are going or perceive to know, but don’t wander.

Walk with your shoulders back and head up, meaning make your body a straight line (not rigid, make it natural). Speak directly, don’t meander around a topic. Know what you are talking about, be on point. Make sure your clothes fit your body and are ironed. Have goals for your life; know where you want to be in 3, 5, and 10 years and have a plan to get there.

Be direct about keeping your word and once you set it don’t allow it to flounder, etc. If you use your mind and be creative you can find other ways to embrace the straight line principle. Moreover, if you embody the straight line, you embody power. You are able to show the world that you can get some things done. You show that you can stand alone without waiver because of opinions unlike the sensitive guy who is out to please. Be a man and not a sensitive guy because at the end of the day, ladies don’t like sensitive guys.


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