Lesson Four in Transformation: No

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Transformation rule number 4, just say no. I remember as a student in elementary school going to the just-say-no rallies every year. The purpose of the rally was to make students aware of the drug problem that was rampant in America, and to learn to just-say-no. The chanting and the screaming, it was much fun, but we can learn a lesson from this story about transformation.

Transformation will require us to say “no” to some things. One example that most people in America can appreciate is in the event of trying to transform their body-they want to lose weight. We all know that just-say-no is imperative when trying to shed pounds. You have to say no to that cake, no to that soda, no that white bread, no to being lazy and skipping a workout, no to that late night snack, your vocabulary is filled with the word no.

Well it’s no different when transforming the mind. You must say no to that limiting thought that is holding you back. You must say no to a lack of determination and persistence. Those two letters will help you out a lot in your pursuit to transformation. So, just-say-no to deafestist speech and ideas and just-say-yes to victorious ideas.


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