Lesson Three in Transformation: Atrophy

Attributed to Alain Picard




This description doesn’t have to be long at all because atrophy makes complete sense when dealing with transformation. The meaning of atrophy is derived from the Greek word, trophe¯, meaning food, combined with the prefix a- which means without. So then atrophy is, without food.

 Does this have to be real food? Well it depends on how we look at it. All functions of the body needs something to sustain it. In this case dealing with the mind and subsequently our lives, the thing which sustains the mind are ideas and thoughts. The question you should ask yourself is this, “What thoughts am I feeding myself?” Remember you are what you eat, and as you think so you are.

Hence, in order to destroy an old habit, you have to starve that habit. By withholding “food” from this habit which ultimately is an idea that is embraced, we begin to transform. It’s safe to say that an idea will replace the one that is dying off because of the law of the vacuum, where nature abhors a vacuum. If one way of thinking leaves another will replace it and it’s that simple.

So take the time now to reflect on the idea you feed yourself constantly. You may be snacking on a negative idea right now. Begin to starve yourself of that idea, replace it with a healthy one and see yourself transform.



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  1. Mental fasting for deliverance. I love that!

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