Lesson Two In Transformation: Resilience




The ability to recover quickly from setbacks is the definition for resilience which is why it is listed as a must have quality in TRANSFORMATION. Last post we spoke on the difficulty of transformation using the word “tough”, and how we shouldn’t fool ourselves about the difficulty in completely changing for the better.

In this process you will reach points when it seems as if you’re regressing. Don’t be discouraged because having a steady incremental flow of progress would suggest that you are perfect when you are not. You are not perfect. So don’t become dejected, because if you do more often than not, you will halt your progress all together. I am telling you that you are not perfect, but this is no excuse not to try as hard as you can to apply yourself to your change.

That’s enough of that however, the big thing that I want you to realize is that in order to transform yourself which in turn will transform your life; you will need to be able to recover from setbacks quickly, because setbacks will come. You just can’t set-back for long. Eventually you will have to get back on your feet and keep moving. On our way to transformation, action must be constant.

So then, how can we develop the trait of resilience? I will tell you. Like most things, it’s all based on our perspective.  How are we evaluating the situation? If we can gain the correct perspective of what sets us back or why we deem it difficult to change then we can get a clear grasp on being able to bounce back from adversity. Since adversity is relative keep in mind that there are worst things out there that could happen, and then the problem that we have to set us back isn’t so intimidating. So develop the trait of resilience and you’ll be one step closer to total and complete transformation.

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