The Root of All Good

Attributed to elycefeliz

“The love of service is the root of all good.” Charles T. Robinson Jr.

Everything God created depends on one another to survive. Even people. The basis of this need is seen in servicing one another with something that we have in our possession, even if that thing is our presence. No one and no thing is an island of its own. The greatest expression of love is the giving of one’s life, but the underlying thought of sacrifice is service. Service is the purest expression of love. Decide to serve today and fulfill the natural order of life.



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2 responses to “The Root of All Good

  1. I appreciated your post this morning!! I just signed up for a conference to mingle with those who are Advocates to individuals with brain injuries. Thank you so much because this is confirmation 🙂

  2. You’re so welcome. I’m happy that you were inspired by my post. Hope the conference goes well for you.

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