What Can We Learn From Children

Attributed to SteveWheeler7

So much we can learn from little children

Pure in their intentions and natural are their ways

If we study them closely, we too will know how to behave

Jesus said let the little children come unto me

For you must believe as they do

And as you do, the Kingdom of God will be revealed to you

For sure, no natural being has greater expectation than the little

For they believe so fully that a broken promise places them in the middle

The middle of two extremes

Should I fully believe or think this really isn’t for me

This is a learned behavior even though the mind of a child God blesses and favors

Their faith, to God, is so delightful, to Him like a form of art

Whatever they want, their focus is concentrated

Hitting the bull’s-eye like the tip of a dart

So much we can learn from the little one’s because their approach to life is simple

If only we, the adults of the world would only pay attention to them and follow their example.

Attributed to rcvnl

Believe that you deserve. Believe that you can and will succeed. Expect the

best and know that you’ll get whatever you need to push you closer to your destiny.



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2 responses to “What Can We Learn From Children

  1. I enjoyed the post! I liked how you switched it up and became poetic in your article. It shows that you have great range!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Lakia. Yeah, I was feeling a little poetic this time.lol

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