Pick A Tree And Run To It

Attributed to Jason Jensen

One Saturday morning for my daily exercise, I took a three-mile trail. This particular trail I absolutely enjoy because it takes me through the woods and what a joy it is. There is something about breathing the air that’s surrounded by nature, so peaceful and serene. It’s almost as if I can reach out and touch God. But there was a life lesson that I had the liberty of being taught because I’m always opened minded and ready to learn and God is always ready to teach. This lesson however wasn’t something new that I learned as much as it was something that solidified in my thoughts.

I’m not much of a long distance runner. It’s something that I have to force myself to do, but I enjoy nature so much that I’d make any excuse to hit the trail. Did I mention I don’t enjoy long distance? I had to come up with a mind game to block out the monotony of the, pit pat, pit pat, pit pat, as my feet followed the same boring sequence across the pavement, while all along focusing on my breathing, in the nose through the mouth. And it hit me. Like most awesome heavenly revelations do.

The answer came to me as if it were my own thought although I knew it wasn’t. And the answer to the problem was, focus on a tree and run to it. How profound right (sarcasm)? But yep it was that simple. Shall I repeat it? Pick a tree and run to it. Once again to refresh your memory I am out in the middle of the woods following this trail, so there are trees all around me and all I had to do was pick one, focus on it with all my attention, and run to it. Did it work? You bet it did! I felt impelled to run harder and faster because I was so intensely focused on getting to the tree it seemed as if it magically pulled me to it.

Every time I passed the tree I focused on ahead of me I readjusted my focus to the next tree. And as Einstein said, time seemed to fly by as if it really were relative. I’m a big reader and especially a reader of self-help and success books. One reoccurring theme is a definiteness of purpose and concentration on that purpose. A definiteness of purpose is exactly what it sounds like, a definite purpose, or a clear and absolute reason or determination to achieve a desired effect. Everyone should have a clear reason for living or something to strive towards. This is only natural. Then once you figure out what that thing is, concentrate on it. And I mean really focus on it. Just like the tree seemed to magically draw me closer to it until I was in arms reach, so will your purpose draw you to it until it’s not in arms reach, but until it’s in your arms.

So then fellow reader, I encourage you to find your tree. What has God purposed you to do? And guess what? If you’re reading this, you have a purpose. And this isn’t some nice political influential make you feel better about yourself spill. This is absolutely the truth. You have a reason for living, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So discover it, focus on it, and run to it.



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2 responses to “Pick A Tree And Run To It

  1. This picture looks exactly like the one you run on 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post. I do have a purpose and I am going to focus on it!!

  2. Thanks Kia. Happy you enjoyed.

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