Get To Know Yourself: The Mirror Exercise

Attributed to Scott Ingram

…continued… One night, I was in deep thought about a problem that I needed to find a solution to. As I sat in my chair, right in front of me was a body length mirror. As I continued to ponder the issue in my mind I took notice how my body wasn’t responsive, but I was aware. Meaning, my countenance was of neutral expression and I didn’t make any physical actions with my body, but sat completely still. What I ultimately realized was that, “I” wasn’t my body. “I” wasn’t my features. “I” was in my mind. The real me which is the spirit me. You may be saying this isn’t new news, but allow me to point out that some of the greatest answers to life are answers that are the least complex to understand and yet we miss them every time. Why? Because we have the tendency to believe that an answer that will change our lives must be complex.

Successful people will tell you that the principles of success are simple to understand but becomes complex in its application. The masses on the other hand believe that the principles of success are complex to understand, as if there was some “secret,” which in turn becomes simple to apply. The latter is the result of mediocrity and wishful thinking. The greatest personal discoveries come best by revelation, which is the unfolding of the mind. So try this exercise in order to become aware of the truth.

  1. Stand erect or sit in front of body length mirror
  2. Keep your countenance in a neutral expression and prohibit any motion in body.
  3. Once you have achieved this, begin to carry on a conversation with yourself in your mind (this is the weird part).
  4. Say to yourself, “How are you today?” And in return you give an honest reply and give a return question like: “I am great, how are you.” Ask more questions to yourself. Carry on a conversation.
  5. You’re doing this all the while keeping the same disposition from the beginning, a neutral countenance.
  6. Now in your mind tell yourself to smile and after pausing for a second place a smile on your face. Hold the smile for a few seconds and then return back to your original neutral countenance. Afterwards, tell yourself to raise your right hand, pause for a second and then raise your right hand and return to your regular relaxed position.
  7. What you will begin to notice is that your body is nothing more than a machine designed to carry out the functions of the Master, which is your Consciousness, that happens to be the real you.
  8. You are not who you are in the mirror. You are who you are in the mirror of your mind, or your imagination.
  9. It is proven that whatever we imagine, think, and believe about the most is who we really are. This is why spiritual things are so much more important than anything that is physical. If you want physical things become its spiritual equivalent, just as you, the real you, said to smile and the physical you did as it was told.

Do this exercise in expectation that you will discover the truth about you.

-Personal Trainer for the Mind


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