Get To Know You: The Mirror Exercise


Attributed to Scott Ingram

The most underrated social practice in this age of social networking is being social with one’s self. Don’t be “weirded” out by how this sounds. Being social with “you” doesn’t equate to being crazy. But the reverse is true. The people who have great rapport with themselves are some of the brightest people to cross this plane of existence. Knowing yourself is the beginning of accomplishing any goal you desire, because you can only realize the power that is in you after you become familiar with yourself.

There is a saying that says, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” And, this is true. Have you seen the parent who tries to be their child’s friend? How much respect does that parent receive from that child? Not much. Why? Because it’s difficult to subject oneself to someone’s authority after being on the same level, which would suggest, “We’re equals.” However, it’s possible, I’m not disputing that. But in many cases familiarity does breed contempt. Nevertheless, this isn’t as true for the person who gets to know themselves. The person who gets to know themselves is a person who has become empowered by what they learn about self, which in turn becomes the antonym of contempt which is admiration.

Yes admiration. Admiration isn’t in regards to ego, but in regards to believing in oneself, as in self-confidence. The only person who isn’t empowered by the fact of knowing themselves is the person who doesn’t want to completely confront their true self. Let us shift our focus for the remainder of this post. Let us now focus our attention on an exercise that will begin to show you your true essence, which is consciousness or the essence of spirit.

Fair warning, you will feel absolutely “silly” performing this exercise if you haven’t done it before. You may even think to yourself, “This is dumb,” but I assure you that if you do this exercise with the expectation of finding what it is you’re supposed to find, it can possibly be life changing for you.

…The remainder of this post will be posted 1:00pm Jan 3, 2011 Happy New Years!!

-Personal Trainer for the Mind


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