Thought Leaders

The experts of self-help literature say that there is a regurgitation in self-improvement information. They feel that now is the time for change, as the world is changing and is more sophisticated than the greatly admired book, Think and Grow Rich, as one thought leader put across. This thought leader also notes that the basic principles of achieving success will never change but the presentation of the principles should. I don’t believe this person has their thoughts clearly ironed out concerning this topic, but one thing they are aware of and that is, either the information presented must evolve or the method. Method, meaning, more creative ways of expressing those principles.

By now we should all know that success isn’t a secret, nor is it set aside for some clandestine group or purpose.  Success is constant and always has been constant through the ages. If you ask the average person if we are more advanced than ancient civilizations or one hundred year old civilizations they may say yes. In some ways this may be true. Bearing in mind technology this may be true, in lieu of technology when considering the human dynamic this is false. As the human is waxing worse as time goes on. The human isn’t advancing the one thing that means the most and this is self. I won’t go in-depth to how this is plausible, but I will focus on the one thing that I believe is decreasing in the human, virtue.

In blind sight of religion, are people valuing moral goodness? Even in the sight of religion are people valuing moral goodness? The protestation of King Solomon of the Holy Bible says that God looks to repeat history. Is there any wonder then how history finds a way to repeat itself? Through history one thing is for sure. The regression of any civilized nation met its fatal end when animalistic desires were valued over virtue. Virtue is wholly human for it takes reason to activate the quality of moral goodness. And although morality is up for grabs as to what true morality is, it is still imperative that we seek those admirable qualities whatever they may be.

So what does this have to do with self-improvement literature? Well, as I stated previously, God seeks history so that it will repeat itself. If this then is the case, thought leaders should turn to virtue if they want to solve our personal problems and in turn help relieve some of our world problems, for the world is only a whole collection of the individuals who comprise it. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are many different variables to consider and of course, this isn’t deep and is fairly simple. But how many thought leaders do you hear talking about virtue except if they are clergy and even then it can be argued if clergy can be considered “thought” leaders by the world. But the cycle is coming back to the beginning and the ends are connecting, hopefully we won’t miss the opportunity to connect the ends and continue to exist freely, by accepting the fact that virtue is needed in each individual if freedom and liberty is to be preserved. This is the “new” information; this is the “new” method.


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