You’re Too…

Don’t be discouraged by what others say about you. We have to remember that people only speak what they know and what they know is filtered through their perspective. Someone may say, “You think too much.” To that you may say, “You don’t think enough.” Someone else may say, “You’re too deep.” You may counter, “You’re not deep enough.” A person may attack your physical appearance. “You’re too tall” when in actuality they’re not tall enough. Ever seen someone taller than you complaining about you being too tall? It’s not going to happen.

It amazes me how people desire for others to look just like them, and if you don’t you’re “weird.” But we even have to be careful how we use the word weird, because weird is only based on perspective. I think it’s weird that people find enjoyment in self-inflicted pain and call it entertainment, but others find this enjoying.

It’s the desire of the unaware person to make others look like them in appearance, behavior, speech, and thought. Maybe this is a survival mechanism. The greater the number of people who look like you, the greater your survival rate since competition is limited. Also, there is benefit in single-mindedness, but only when that single-mindedness is beneficial to the whole group and not based on selfishness.

Since in our society individuality is praised and rewarded, why not be different. It’s possible in this day to be different, to set yourself apart and fulfill a need that others have missed because they are too busy worrying what others say about them being “too…” whatever. Rule of thumb, if it’s something that you cannot change such as your physicality, you can’t be too much of anything. You are who you are. Embrace it. As for things of a mental quality, these things can be changed. This is bi-fold however. If your quality is positive and beneficial it’s not possible to be too much of it. You can never be too loving, or too smart, or too talented, or too patient (as long as you’re actively serving). But it is possible to be too selfish, too demanding, too pessimistic, too pretentious, or even too deep. Complexity has its season and timing, choose rightly.

The thought is, weigh everything justly. And don’t be offended by people who claim you’re too much of anything good, or too much of anything you can’t change. These people are wholly unaware of their own desirous proclivity to make others look like them as they are still operating in a primitive mind-set. Conform or die. Be wise however, it is perfectly okay to conform to what is good and holy.

So then, if a person was to confront you on a positive quality, what would you want them to say you’re too much of? I would like people to tell me that I’m too helpful as they already have. I’ll get this being around uninvolved and majorly self-involved people. They get the feeling that I’m trying to out-do them. Not the case. It’s just me. What’s yours? Fill in the blank. You’re too….


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