You Are Great

You have greatness inside of you! Ok, I’m sure you’ve heard this before and it may not be as profound as the first time you’ve heard it, but it does not change the fact that you have greatness in you. And as you read this and doubt the fact that you have greatness dwelling in you, you may be limiting yourself to knowing how great you truly are.

What makes you great? What makes you great is the ability you have as a human to explore the inner workings of your being. The amazing thing about the human being is that although we act off instinct in some situations, we can separate ourselves from that instinctive nature and begin to reason. We can look introspectively and uncover what we are uniquely gifted to do.

There are so many books and articles about how to find your purpose so I won’t go into that here. However, I will tell you without ever having met you that you have greatness in you. Now notice I say in you. At this very moment you may not be so great. Humorously I say this because greatness also includes refining simple character flaws. As the adage goes, “Talent will get you there but character will keep you there.” And in this day virtue may be as important a “talent” as any other. You can probably count on your hand the people who are trustworthy, patient, giving, loving, and among other things.

Virtue displayed in a person is greatness in and of itself. So then begin to introspect if you haven’t already and search for that thing that makes you great. But don’t forget that virtue in this day, like in previous days, will get you far.


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