Approaching The New Year

Just a few more days before we enter into a new year. The beginning of a new year is usually filled with promises that will lead to advancements in both our individual lives and those lives around us. A time to start over and forget the past. However, how wise is it to go into a new year wanting to forget the past when all we do is take the past with us. And we find ourselves halfway through the year waiting for a new year to come by so we can once again forget the past and move on.

Individual pursuits are common, but I wonder what we can begin to do as people joined together. One thing that troubles me is the lack of character exhibited in most individuals. And yes no one person is perfect, but when we can be entertained by shows that magnify a lack of integrity as in a show that goes by the name Cheaters, I wonder what’s happening to our world. And since our world is predominantly controlled by the human dynamic, I wonder what’s going on with people. Why are we suffering from a lack of character. Songs that proclaim, “This isn’t cheating as long as we tell nobody.”

Wait, isn’t character the choices you make when no one is looking? When the only person who is looking is yourself and if you’re spiritual, God. Something is wrong with this picture. Something is wrong when we don’t even regard ourselves or respect ourselves. Before anything can wholly begin to change for the better we as people need to regain, as Stephen Covey put it, character ethic. Qualities that are as real as gravity. This is something that we can begin to think about as the new year approaches.


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