Perspective is a Tyrant

Becoming an author has taught me one thing, and I coin that one thing in these terms, “Perspective is a beast!” Yes, perspective is a beast. What is perspective and why is it a beast? Well, perspective is our unique way of viewing our world. It is filtered through our beliefs, or more aptly put, our hearts. And our heart is the place where we emotionalize our convictions because emotion acts as a force field that protects what we truly believe. But we’ll talk about that some other time.

Why then is perspective, in my estimation, a beast? First, for those who are unfamiliar with the slang term beast, the Online Urban Dictionary classifies the word as: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner.

I believe this definition is fitting for the nature of perspective, because perspective completely dominates one’s view of their world. And a person’s view shapes that person’s life. If a person tries to deviate from their beliefs there is an internal struggle as a result, which describes its violent nature. In a more formal way perspective can be described as being a tyrant since many people understand the nature of despotism. And we know what a tyrant does. They completely enslave a person to its will. So then it’s wise to choose and subject ourselves to the healthiest of perspectives.

 As an author in the beginning I found it difficult to tie many perspectives into one thought. The question was, “How can I incorporate a multitude of perspectives into one thought so that everyone can come to the same conclusion that I intend.” This taught me to be aware of different views, in being all things to all people. I would like you to consider this thought as well.

So then add these questions in your weekly mental workout.

1. What is my unique perspective of my world?

2. Is this perspective narrow and shallow?

3. Do I realize that my perspective is relative?

4. Is my perspective based on truth that I have discovered for myself or was it passed on to me?

5. What can I do to begin to both deepen and increase the breadth of my perspective?



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  1. I enjoyed reading your post.

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