Laws And Faith

If you’ve ever set goals, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to stay on path of reaching your goals. Goals are designed to show us where we need to go, what time to arrive, and who we need to be when we get there. Meaning that we have to think about exactly where we want our lives to go. Roughly the proximity of time we would like to get there and who we have to become to accomplish that. To be a success you have to become a success and if you’re not doing what successful people do maybe you won’t reach that goal.

Goals suddenly look like laws, and in our human nature we look at laws as restrictions and want to rebel against them. Especially if it calls for us to do something that would cause us to miss out on what we enjoy. A goal will do that. The time spent hanging with friends gets cut because you need to put more time into that goal you set. That television gets cut from your schedule because at the same time you scheduled something more productive but maybe not as fun.

This is why goals become difficult to juggle. They turn into laws. Not a universal law but the traditional law that sets boundaries and rules. Therefore, we have to take an extra step if we want to stand by our goal to completion. That step is the step of faith.

Your belief system is what will keep you in the game. You set the goal but do you really believe that you can see it to the finish line. If you set the goal you have to believe that it will get you to where you want to be. Loyalty to your goal is key. Remind yourself daily and envision the outcome of reaching your goal. If you can’t envision yourself at will having accomplished your goal then you truly don’t believe in it. Work on your belief system and sticking with your goals will be much easier.


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