attributed to Sha Sha Chu

Why is it that only a hand-full of people evolve into who they want to be in proportion to the number of people who don’t reach the vision that they hold in mind?

The answer can be seen in one word. Delusion. We’re all delusional in some capacity, so it’s not something that’s only bound to a specific group. Everyone is extremely proficient in developing a false belief about their performance. Although there are many areas of delusion we’re only going to touch on the form of delusion that tells a person that they’re doing all they can to push through their vision.

Let’s be honest, in order to be the best some form of pain must be present, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional pain.  When striving to reach a level we’ve never seen or be who we’ve never been, pain will be present as it always is in the process of becoming a champion. To the average person, pain is unnecessary. We’re comfort chasers and pain ruins that entire philosophy. We look for every reason to avoid pain, so we look for the get rich quick scheme, or the lose weight fast program, or better your relationship in 7 days gimmick. Be mindful that these programs all say, pain-free.

Yet, in the process we develop lofty goals for ourselves that are only attainable by the process of pain. Nevertheless, here is where delusion comes in. We know the goal and see the vision, but we’re unwilling go through pain to get there. As a result, we lie to ourselves about how hard we’re trying and  about how much we’re doing. But we don’t see any results.

Like I said, we all suffer from delusion. The only reason champions and those who have reached their goal are successful is because they became aware of their delusion. They asked themselves, “Am I really doing all that I can?” They look at other people who have progressed with results to prove it and are honest with themselves with what they see. When they see the work that it takes, they don’t say, “It doesn’t take all of that.” They see the truth and then they search to find if there is any in themselves. We can’t have both our comfort and progress. We must choose. Reaching your goal is dependent on you snapping out of your delusion.


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  1. Keep on inspiring minds to think deeply!

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