Truth Versus Fact

Understanding the difference between fact and truth is the difference between becoming who you are destined to be and becoming less than the person you are destined to be. A fact is something “known” to be true (heresy to a certain extent and in some cases); it’s a reality of something. A few decades ago it was fact that the four-minute mile was a barrier that couldn’t be broken (or at least up until Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier) that was the common belief based on known facts. That was the reality of the time. However, with the breaking of the four-minute mile barrier fact suddenly was not so factual.

This leads us to truth which trumps fact any day. Although this is true, the ironic thing is, is that truth is something factual, but it’s not fact based on external observation. Truth is fact based on internal analysis. Meaning this, there are many facts around us. You may have grown up in a bad neighborhood, you may not have the best education, you may have been overlooked your entire life, or you may have current struggles, but placed in the right perspective these occurrences are only facts. They become truth when we internalize them. What is truth to us is what we truly believe coming from our hearts and minds. No matter what the facts say in our environment of life, if we choose not to accept these facts as truth then the facts have to submit to what we believe.

Therefore, facts are external and are conditional based on what we accept as truth. Truth is internal and is based on what we accept as fact, but it should be noted that whatever our truths are the facts will show up in our surroundings. Case in point, if you believe as a truth that you’re unsuccessful the facts in your life will show it. It will be fact that you make excuses, it will be fact that you lack vision, it will be fact that you’re envious, all because of what you have internalized.

So on this day, distinguish between fact and truth and discern what belief systems you are operating in. The facts don’t make or break a person, the beliefs and things they hold as truths do.

Search out what is true, search and follow the light.


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