No Boundaries No Limits

People often say that there isn’t enough room at the top. I’m a bit confused regarding this form of thought for this reason here. Only a very small percentage of people around the world are at the top while a disproportionate amount of people are at the bottom. I would think that the bottom is the place where there isn’t enough room.

On this inspired Monday if you have a dream that you have set a resolve to accomplish and someone comes and offers you a limiting question, in return give them a limitless no boundaries answer by forming the question into a limitless question. They may say, “Well isn’t someone else doing that?” Don’t allow this question to put limits on your dream; believe it or not these are the questions that set people apart. Failures end with this question; winners take this question and turn it into an enquiry worth further study to see how they can tweak their dream to be different but better. Winners question themselves in this manner, “If someone else is doing this what can make mines better?” “What is my niche and brand?” Pull down the shades, sit under a hot white light and interrogate yourself with these questions to pull out the truth. (Disclaimer: For dramatic purposes only, don’t sit under a hot light).

Take the boundaries and limits off of what you can do, because whenever you are after a lofty vision or goal the test of life is to bring someone in to see if they can put the chains of bondage on your dream. If you let them, you’ve failed the test. Pass the first time by asking the same limiting questions with no limits in mind.


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