Inspiration Monday: Life Philosophy

Attributed to Light Knight

This is inspiration Monday. This week take the time to focus on your life’s philosophy. What is your life’s philosophy? Do you have one? A life philosophy is a guideline that lays out our aims, goals, and attitudes. It’s a game plan that devices our approach to our lives. It’s a document that tells us how to be a winner.  

As I write this right in front of me I have my very own philosophy for life hanging in a picture frame. It states: “Money isn’t real but people are so love people and desire to see a change.” You probably will need a little clarification concerning this philosophy. In my view money while very important isn’t the chief aim in life, but first God then people. As a result of serving people other things like money will come, but people must come first. Money only exists because the needs of people exist. No people, no money, no reason to live.  

When things aren’t going well in the first quarter will you keep to the game plan or will you wane away from it? Our philosophy gives us a foundation and something to focus on when everything around us seems to go haywire. Come up with a philosophy and stick to it. Every now and again it may need to be tweaked but a philosophy is needed if you want to be a consistent winner. All successful coaches have a team philosophy that they stick to no matter what, even through tough times, but this is why they are successful. Device your game plan this week and allow it to shape how you think about your life.


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