Back to the Basics: Agents of Change

This new era will be fueled by agents of change. Those individuals who will no longer stand for the status quo, those who will no longer settle for what is being offered by big corporations, businesses, and other entities that have influence over people.    

What happens in this world is similar in comparison to fools gold. Fake gold will only be able to pull off its fictitious appearance for a while.    

attributed to Bullion Vault


Eventually it will disclose itself for what it is truly. Pure gold will always have the poise and confidence that it’s pure gold. In the world of business there are many companies appearing as pure gold but because  they weren’t truly pure gold they turned the economy green. Not in a good way, but in the way of turning someone’s finger green when wearing fake gold. This world has worn greed long enough.    

 The purpose of this blog is to shortly compare greed versus character. Those who are fueled by greed lack good character and those who have good character are less likely to turn to greed.    

 Greed leaves an indelible stain, but can be remedied. Character leaves an indelible impression that can’t be denied.    

Greed is fake gold and character is pure gold. A person or business can get away with underhanded practices but for so long. Eventually their guise will wear off. The only thing that can survive and endure perpetually in the lifetime of a business or entity is character. Staff will change, owners will change, and products will change, but character remains. As the saying goes, “talent will get you there, but character will keep you there.”    

A good sales pitch or product will get you to the top, but character is what will keep you there. It’s time to return to the basics, the things that will last a lifetime.    

Greed will only endure for a few seasons, but character will endure forever. Be an agent of change. Not only at the top levels of society but even in your own households. Focus on the basic character elements that are laid down as a foundation, and as a byproduct success in other areas will come. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Start with character first.


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