Inspiration Monday: Desire Correction

Attributed to Biella

You’ll know if you’re speaking to a wise person or a fool when after correcting them in godly fashion, they are either thankful or they show dissension towards you for the rest of their lives. The fool hates godly and goodly instruction. They hate to be told that they’re wrong. They take most attempts of correction personally instead of taking personal inventory and assessment to see how true the request is. To take everything personal is to take a big piece out of living a life of freedom and liberation.

Today if someone chooses to correct your wrong, don’t become offended but thank them and improve on that rebuke so that the current fault may be abolished. As Mr. T would say eloquently  like no one else could, ” I pity the fool!” Being a wise person places you on the A team. The best team to be on, and although receiving correction can be difficult, it will pay off in your future. This is inspiration Monday. Be the person of wisdom in this blessed week.



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2 responses to “Inspiration Monday: Desire Correction

  1. This right on man. We have to be humble and listen to what people are sayingg about us.

  2. I meant to say, this is right on man. We have to be humble and listen if someone tries to help us by telling us something about ourselves that we may need to work on. Especially if that person is coming to us as a brother/sister and loves us.

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