Inspiration Monday: Depth of Character

How deep is your character? Is it as deep as the Canyons or as shallow as a puddle of rain. Do you go the extra mile never-failing to complete or are you satisfied with settling in defeat. Do you live your life as a sweet song or is it described as bitter and long. Do you cherish integrity or do you cheat creating shame in your legacy.

Do you have any thoughts of your own or do you take the thoughts of the world and call them your own. Are you lacking in self-respect, demanding that someone gives what you have failed to personally give to yourself. Are you lazy and as a result your future is hazy. Are you industrious and your future is lustrous, bright, shinning, and gleaming in the mist with hope.

Lately, to yourself have you spoke? What did you say? Did you believe it? If it was bad did you turn bulimic and regurgitate the hate the world put on your plate that you ate, believing that you were less than what you truly are, not realizing that according to God you’re a little lower than the stars. How deep does your character go? Or is it extremely shallow? What things do you give your brain to, what things do you allow to influence you? These are all good questions; this message is a good lesson. What shall you learn from it? What shall you gain, and what shall you earn from it. This is inspiration Monday. Be inspired to do great things. Blessings.



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4 responses to “Inspiration Monday: Depth of Character

  1. A nice series of questions that are inspirational.

  2. Phyllis

    It’s said that character is “who you are when no one is watching.” I am constantly trying to strive to be of good character and intergrity. It’s the returning the unpaid for item in the bottom of the cart when it’s pouring rain outside. Thanks for the insightful posts. Keep up the excellent work.

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