Reputation vs. Character

If you feel like you don’t fit in maybe it is because your God-given destiny is too large for small places like the opinions and subjective thoughts of others. Opinions and subjective thoughts equates to what we know as reputation. Reputation is strictly what others think about you. In high school we all wanted a good and positive reputation which translated to what others thought of us; it was all about popularity. We always wanted to be around the person who everyone knew or be the person who everyone knew. Sad to say, this mentality hasn’t subsided for some of us. Can you remember how people used to fall over themselves trying to laugh at a comment that the popular person made which wasn’t even funny? It was all about who said what instead of what they said.

Attributed to Wetsun

Intelligent and wealthy people don’t give themselves to mere reputation based on public demand and liking. They give their attention to anyone who is speaking with substance. The wise lend their ear to any and everyone knowing that they can learn from all. Intelligent wealthy people don’t surround themselves with reputation but with character. As I have read, reputation is who people think you are, but character is who you really are.  

As I said earlier, if you feel like you don’t fit in, you are probably trying to squeeze between the opinions and subjective thoughts of others. I dealt with this myself until I found out that where I wanted to be accepted wasn’t large enough to contain my destiny. This isn’t to sound arrogant or prideful, but it is the truth and I know others can relate. Now I’m in the place I need to be and working on filling up some space in this great sea of awesome people by increasing my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.



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2 responses to “Reputation vs. Character

  1. I like this post PT4TheMind. I thought it was good, one of your best yet… keep the encouragement and insight coming dude!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and thank you for the encouragement.

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