Special Section: Eyes Open and Circle Tight Everyone Isn’t A Friend

Bad company corrupts good morals. This is a saying which makes clear that we are who we hang around. I wanted to address this issue because I know that there are many people out there who have a goal or dream for their lives and are in the beginning stages of pursing or are already in the process.

To put this short sweet and simple, some people will hold us back from reaching that dream either intentionally or unintentionally.

The person who intentionally tries to hinder us are normally jealous of our lofty goals and aspirations and will do anything they can to discourage us and or our situation. We have to be careful because sometimes these individuals we call friends. People like this are okay when you are doing what you normally do but once you decide that you want to do better, their true nature reveals itself.

As I say, anyone who is jealous is either weak-minded or lazy and I say this because success is not a secret. The fruit of success comes from a laborious process and the people who are jealous either refuse to use their own mind to think of a solution or they refuse to work, so the next best thing to do is discourage the person who is working and thinking. This person would rather bask in someone else’s failures so that they can feel good about their own shortcomings. Obviously this person is not good or healthy to be around.

The person who unintentionally hinders our progress is the person who is not jealous but is fearful. This person may be worse than the jealous person because jealousy is easily discerned while the person who fears seems like a genuine friend. Majority of the time this person is a good friend. They are concerned about our striving after our dreams and failing in the process. This seems genuine but no one reached a lofty goal without risking a little failure. The other form of fear is the person who fears that you will actually make it and leave them behind. This is not necessarily jealousy as much as it is selfishness. At any rate both of these individuals are bad for business. Good friends are hard to come by, so communication could work. Let them know that they shouldn’t be afraid. If you are not afraid, they shouldn’t be afraid and if they remain fearful you have a decision to make.  This is only a synopsis of people we call friends and how they can hold us back if we allow them to. Keep your eyes open and your circle tight, because your success and certain friends won’t always mix.


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