Inspiration Monday: Persistence

Have you ever felt like everything was against you while you were trying so very hard to push through to the end? I’m sure if you have some life ambition or are goal oriented you’ve experienced this form of stress.

Recently, I attended a conference entitled, “Your Business, Your Future.” I must say that it was phenomenal. One of the speakers who shared their expertise was a gentleman by the name of Joel Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the author of, If Nobody Loves You Create the Demand: A powerful Jolt of Entrepreneurial Energy and Wisdom.  I recommend any entrepreneur to pick up this splendid book. He was the chaplain of the Washington Bullets professional basketball team and is currently a business coach to high level business officials. He has collaborated with the likes of Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, and Steve Forbes to name a few.

He shared monuments of applicable and practical information, but one thing which stood out was a comment that he made about grass and concrete. In paraphrase, he compared concrete to the pressures and strains of life and the grass as the persistence of pushing and not given up in defeat. We all have seen the grass that finds its way pushing through the cracks of concrete. We know that the grass wasn’t there at first so how did it get there, or better yet how did it push through the concrete?

Well, most definitely the grass made its way through to see the light of day by persistence. The world is like concrete. The world is like the playground bully who doesn’t mind pushing you around. As a matter of fact, the world looks for those it can push around.  In all forms of oppression there is always a way out and there is, overtime, somewhere where we can find a break in the oppression of the world and fight through just like the blades of grass. Oppression never last forever. Although it is consistent throughout the world, your personal life will see a break, a crack where the day light can be seen and it is your duty to fight and push through. It is your duty to take advantage of the opportunity present to breakthrough. Life is a fight, the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force. A war is strategic but victory usually lays in persistence. We must push, push, and push, until there is a breakthrough or manifestation as the result of our persistence.

Ironically, it was pushing that birthed us. Our mothers pushed until we were birthed and gave us the ability to have uninhibited life. Our dreams, goals, and visions are the same way; we must push our goals through and give it uninhibited life. Of course it will be painful, just ask any mom, but the pain is worth it once you see the dream that you first conceived of and then pushed to birth.

This is inspiration Monday. Make your first day of your week, your thirst day. Determine that on this Monday you will be hungry and thirsty for improvement and you will be persistent until you get it. Have an awesome week.


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