Harmony and Success

Our universe is designed in a way that would make it impossible to build anything on the basis of “I” or individual effort. All things need two or more components in order to sufficiently build anything.

God is an awesome example. When making the human race He didn’t say “Come let I make.” NO. He said, “Come let us make.” Us is referring to the Holy Trinity. If we flip a few chapters ahead we will see a group of people using the same language who decided to build a tower.  In a valley named Shinar, the people said, “Come let us build…” and God himself came down and saw what they were building and reasoned, “Nothing that they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them. Come let Us go down and there confound their language…”

Wow. I think this is amazing. Not only was God concerned about what they were able to do together, but He also expressed how powerful imagination is!

It’s important to realize that this truth works on every level, from big to small, from minute to immensely huge. It even works for you. YEAH YOU! How you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

We all have Mind, Will, and Emotion components dwelling within us all. Let’s take notice that not one component can work without the other. Let’s say you’re on a diet and you see a cookie. You may try to will yourself away from the cookie, but if your mind is looking at how tasty the cookie looks, your will, WILL lose every time. Meaning, our Mind, Will, and Emotion must work in harmony with one another if we hope to accomplish anything significant just as God and the people of the valley worked together in harmony and in one accord.

We have to be aware of what is in our minds, what we want to will, and what we are truly feeling about a given thing because if we don’t know this information it is common that we may allow our mind, will, and emotions to work against one another. We’re thinking one thing-wanting something else to happen-and feeling antithetical to anything that we are thinking and wanting to happen.

For instance, you’re thinking about starting a business, but allow your fears to will procrastination over you, and emotionally there is hesitation, fear, doubt, sudden bouts of passion and drive, then again hesitation, fear, doubt etc. Every component is going against the other. If you’re thinking about starting a business, you must will yourself to find out how and gain knowledge, and emotionally you must sustain yourself with drive passion and love. We have to work in accordance and harmony.

Which is why the Bible urges those who pray to be in an attitude of expectancy, to feel and to know that what was asked for in accordance with God’s will shall be given. Being a cheerful giver isn’t meant to make you suffer but it is designed to align your emotions in accordance with what you are thinking and believing for, alongside what you are willing for. See, it is that simple. Be sure that your soul (mind, will, emotions) are in line and in accordance with one another and what you want to happen will happen much faster. Your language should be, “Come let us make…”


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