God Appoints He doesn’t Disappoint

I decided to write this blog to connect with those individuals who are not satisfied with their lives and are waiting in anticipation for something better.  A few months back I sat in my room and thought about how it seemed as if my dream-life was slipping away. I always sought after greatness and distancing myself from anything resembling mediocrity. My greatest fear in life wasn’t of heights, death, or even speaking in front of a crowd- my greatest fear was to become mediocre and average. My definition for average may be different than yours but I always desired to achieve a level of what I thought my life should be.  The entire year of 2009 was chasing after something that didn’t come to fruition. Working extremely hard doing the things necessary that would end in success.

When that thing didn’t happen I found myself back at home sitting in my room wondering, “What is God doing to me?”  “Why did He let me go through all that if He knew He didn’t want me to make it?” I had nothing but questions and often times those questions grew to frustration and anger. The frustration came from refusing to be mediocre and average, I dared NOT to accept this as reality.

One day I was sitting in my car pondering on what was my next step. As I mentioned earlier I would ask God many questions about what He was doing in my life however, every question seemed to fall on death ears. Until I gave in and as a tear rolled down my cheek I said, “My life is one big disappoint,” and I guess that made God upset because I heard Him (in my mind) clearly say, “WHO TOLD YOU, YOU MISSED YOUR APPOINTMENT.” I sat there and thought about what was said. I went and looked up the word “disappointment” and it read “the act of missing an appointment.” Clearly God was saying to me, “all that you have gone through has been carefully orchestrated by me and I am preparing you for what I have arranged.”

Now as I look back, I’ve taken the lessons learned and acquired knowledge and apply them to life forming wisdom and as I travel this road the light shines brighter, dissecting wisdom unto insight and understanding. I urge you reader, to NOT give up on your dreams and goals, because when it looks dire it is only meant to prepare you. Sometimes to PREVAIL we must first in thought and in action VAIL (to lower or to fall down).


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