By taking a look at nature we will see that for millions of years it has survived and has thrived. It has thrived for no other reason other than its ability to share and give. Everything that has life is a giver and serves a role in some form or fashion. Nature only suffers because of people who abuse their environment, but this doesn’t stop nature from giving.

Nature understands that survival is based on its ability to share and work together. Of course some plants and animals seem as if they have it worst than others, but in the grand scheme of things, if nature decided to take offense and rebel it would indelibly kill itself off. Humans are the only creatures who have the belief that something can be acquired without first giving. Nature abides by the laws of nature and experiences progress because of its obedience to the law. We go against the laws of nature and expect the same results.

We also can have the proclivity to believe that selfishness is the only way to get and keep anything. We can learn a lot from the world that God created and we can definitely take note. The only way to thrive in this world is to share and give of ourselves in the form of servanthood.  We may look at serving as something menial along the lines of slavery, but it isn’t. To serve is a choice and it is also an act of humbleness while a slave has no choice. A slave has no privileges or say-so in how or where they give, but a servant chooses where they serve. We are not exempt from the laws of nature. We are called to rule over nature but not to be separate from it.

There is not one billionaire who doesn’t have a foundation or who doesn’t give their wealth to a cause. They know that giving to a cause will cause an effect that will translate into more than what they gave. This is the law of sowing and reaping. All successful people flow with the law and not against the law.

If for just a second we can imagine ourselves as flowers in a field as bees are flying all around. We know that bees help pollinate the land with seed from that particular flower. In exchange for its seed to be planted, the flower allows its nectar to be harvested by the bee. Just imagine yourself as a flower, and the bee which lands on you is the opportunity to give someone else something that you have in your possession. Not only will that person be blessed, but you will also, because you’re working with the law of nature. Anything can happen out of your giving. This is why social networking is so good, anyone can land on anyone else’s page, blog, site, etc, and spread the word. Let’s replicate the thriving natural environment and serve one another with a smile, a hand, our resources, anything. Let’s just serve.

Let’s find an excuse to serve someone each day.

*Ever heard of a service-elevator?  Life is similar to this elevator, service will elevate us*


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