Image of A Nation

The very popular campaign slogan of President Barack Obama, “Change We Can Believe In,” resonated throughout America with the intent of allocating hope to many. President Obama started off with a great suggestion, and that suggestion was in the idea of believing for a change. Dr. John Maxwell wrote a book a few years ago entitled, “Thinking for a Change,” which entails multiple ways of thinking to cause positive and successful change in one’s life. However, it also plays on the fact that most people do not think in the way that would lead to success, which is clear in the title-if doing something for so long produces the same results then let’s try something else for a change.

Whenever we want change in our lives, it first starts at the level of thought. What are we thinking about most of the time? We can ask, what is in the imagination of the people in this nation and world? To figure that out, all we would have to do is take a look at the image of our nation or world. If by some chance aliens (hypothetically) came to our world, what would be their perception of us. Remember perception is everything, image is everything, and imagination is everything. Imagination is the image-of-the-nation. What, as a nation or as a world are we thinking. Would the image be bad or good? Remember a nation wouldn’t be a nation without people and the thoughts of the people therein.

The thought(s) of the people in the nation is what makes the nation. Land doesn’t make a nation, the people in the land is what makes the nation. So if we were to place our nation in front of a mirror what image will it cast. If we were to place our world in front of a mirror what image will it cast. If you are unsure, the next step would be to figuratively place your own mind or mental imagery in front of a mirror, what image do you cast, because remember, you and your thoughts are A PART of your nation, you and your thoughts are A PART of your world and we all together make a WHOLE. We all play a part and all that we think plays its part.

We figuratively place our minds in front of a mirror by reflecting. Reflecting on the things that we think about most of the time? Just to be clear your mental reflection isn’t too far from hundreds of others. I know it’s hard to believe, but people aren’t that much different from one another in their thinking and as a group of people with all of our joint thoughts we make up our nation and world. So what are we thinking about as a nation or world? If we all can change what we are thinking to fit the mold of successful thinking, the image that we will cast together will resemble success and prosperity.

Successful steps to change

  1. Stand in front of a mirror (what are you reflecting): Reflection is a term described by the process of searching your thoughts. You are looking for the thoughts that you are continually thinking, whether good or bad. Be mindful of your thoughts.
  2. Study your image (imagination and thoughts): What image is being cast? Before we leave the restroom we consult the mirror and study our reflection to make sure everything is nice and neat. Study your thoughts and see what is out-of-order and what is in order.
  3. Tuck your shirt in: Tucking your shirt in simply means that once we see what is out of order in our thinking we should fix it. We don’t want to look messy, we want to look neat. We don’t want our minds full of garbage we want our minds filled with good things that is nice and neat.
  4. Check your back: Sometimes we turn to the side and check our backs to see if we have anything out-of-order. The same is true for our thoughts. We have to look at our thoughts from every side and from every angle to see why we are really thinking them. Everything has a root cause. Why are you thinking thoughts of success? Why are you thinking thoughts of failure?
  5. Double Check:  When we double-check we are taking extra effort to make sure everything is in order. Make sure all of your thoughts are in order with your goal.
  6. Looking Good: When we step out of the restroom, we want to hear the words, “Looking Good!” We want our mental images to look good and be good and when they are it will be evident in our good success. People will boast in us, and we will not have to boast in ourselves.

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