Drum Roll Please…The IPad??

Ok! And the big secret is, drum roll please, bdddddddddd, TING… an IPad? An IPad is the big secret? Ok, if you think that I am “hating” please don’t. I am simply expressing my feelings about the “big secret.” I’m sure that this is going to revolutionize how we use laptops, but it’s not much of a secret, given the fact that most of us already have one in an IPod Touch.  Just enlarge click the IPod by 300% and you have the IPad. Although it is much easier on the eyes when reading, playing games, and watching videos. It’s also good that it’ll be sold with data plans from AT&T with no contract, but convincing people it’s better than their laptop’s and smartphones will be a hard sell I believe. I think it needs an extraordinary component before that happens. So, it’s not bad, but it’s not a big surprise either, however I tip my hat to Steve Jobs and the Apple team for continuing to innovate. Thank you guys.

This is out of my normal, but I thought that it would be fun.


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