Purpose, Passion, Preparedness: The 3 P’s of Destiny

If destiny was a destination (which it is) Purpose would be the reason to travel.  Passion would be the road to get there and Preparedness would be the things we pack up to go. Sounds like the makings of a road trip to me. We have a place to go, we have reason for going, we have the map to get there, and we are all packed up.

Passion keeps us steady on the path to our destination, while purpose is the reason we are going. By finding our purpose in life and maintaining passion, we can meet our destiny, but there is only one important thing.

We know the saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Opportunity as they say is when luck and preparation meets. Although, I do not believe in luck and if I had the chance to rewrite this quote I would say opportunity comes when intent and preparation intersects. Nonetheless, preparation is the most important. The other two aspects, purpose and passion, we do not control, they already are. Meaning our destination is a place that already exists and the way to get there has already been mapped out with precision, the only thing needed of us is to prepare.  It will suck for us if we get to our destination and we forgot to pack our things. What a horrible vacation that would be. Or better yet, what useless expectation in waiting to reach our destiny when getting there and realizing we are not equipped. Reaching our destiny alone isn’t enough; we must be prepared to handle what destiny has for us.

Preparation: Where is God saying you should go? What passion or drive has He given you? What people has He brought into your life to travel with you, no matter if they are traveling with you the entire way or if you are dropping them off on the way? What lessons have you learned?

Passion: What, when thinking about it causes you to become righteously angry or empathetic when you see or hear OTHERS go through it. When these feelings arise you can’t figure out why.  You may ask yourself, “Why am I so concerned about this?”

Purpose: Your righteous anger and empathetic feelings will cause you to move toward your purpose. Crunching out this information is your GPS (generalized purpose search). It may not be accurate to the point, but it will give you a generalized area. Passion will navigate you to your destination.

Keys to safe traveling:

  • Plan ahead. Seek out your destination (what problem am I here to solve).
  • Remember your reason for going (to help others). Don’t get caught up in the scenery (trials of life).
  • Stick to the road (passion). Do not over think or turn from it. Your destination has been God-Quested.
  • Don’t pull over on dark roads, (seeking unwise counsel), go somewhere lighted (wise counsel).
  • Don’t drive on an empty tank ( fill up on education, learning, wisdom).
  • Oh yeah, and most importantly, do not pick up strangers or hitch-hikers (those who are not meant to go and cannot go with you to your destination. They will only slow you down. Those who see success and purpose and want to jump on the bandwagon).


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8 responses to “Purpose, Passion, Preparedness: The 3 P’s of Destiny

  1. Ricardo

    I love that first line YO, haha! I see you made some changes to the site… keep it up dude, it looks good man!

  2. Ashta

    Love it. Speaks volumes in regards to the journey that some of us are already on, and that some have yet to start…”Reaching our destiny alone isn’t enough; we must be prepared to handle what destiny has for us.” so true. Keep the fresh insight coming, man!

  3. Shanice O.

    Alright now!!! This was sooo prophetic, I love it!!! Being the innovator that you are, you don’t have to rewrite quotes ;). Every has some kind of inspiration to give a quote in the first place. I think, “opportunity comes when intent and preparation intersects” -Charles Robinson …sounds great! Dare to quote yourself bro.

  4. Bonnie Lieb

    Love it, Charles. I’m looking for my passion right now so this really resonated. Great work!

  5. I’m happy I can be of service to you Bonnie. I have found my passion (writing, speaking, serving) and I can’t stop!lol…I know you will find yours.

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