Ancient Societies: Were They Really Smarter

Approximate Reading Time=4minI have often pondered on this one phenomenon, something that even scholars have pondered upon, and that is, why does it seem as though the ancients and great thinkers were so much smarter than us? Just to think of the monumental feats with limited technology, it’s hard to conceive how they were able to advance in their time. Well, I have two reasons after careful thought and consideration.

As Solomon of the Bible has said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” I believe that this is also referring to the capacity of both men and women to think. Nothing has changed as far as how well we can think and come up with awesome ideas. If this is true why do we become stumped when thinking about the ancients and enlightened thinkers intelligence?

Well, like I said it comprises of two things. There may be more, but I only thought of two. The first thing is their environment. We know and understand that environment plays a crucial role to the character development of a person. When we compare their world with our world, we will find that our world is much nosier than theirs. Truly all they had was one another and nature, while we have much more in the form of technology and no matter how much noise cancellation technology that we invent technology is and of itself noisy. It takes away our attention from the important things.

To explain better my point look at this quote by Mother Teresa, “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…We need silence to be able to touch souls.” If we study the greatest people from past we will find that they sought solitude as if it was nourishment to their bodies. Everywhere we turn we will find this same evidence. William Penn stated, “True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” It continues to turn up that if we want our minds to grace the heavens for inspirational and transformational ideas; we must place ourselves in silence and solitude. Even Jesus found time to be alone to find inspiration from Father God who resides in Heaven (Matthew 14:23, Luke 5:16). Silence draws heaven to us.

So now that we know this bit of information, let’s take a look at our lives. How much time do we spend alone in silence? How often do we draw ourselves in solitude to think, pray, meditate, and ponder? How can God speak to us when the television has our attention? We have so many things today competing with the voice of creativity, inventions, and innovations. We have so many voices battling with divine knowledge and wisdom, blocking us off from hearing the voice of Heaven. Now think what did the ancients have to block them from hearing? What blocked those great men who created the Constitution of the United States?

Also studies have shown that our creative mind or our subconscious mind operates and understands in pictures. The subconscious mind is located in the right brain. This may be the area where God communicates with us and where we connect with our spirit. The subconscious mind is the 90% of our mind that we do not have “direct” control over as we do with our left brain which is the logical, reasoning side. That being said, we get most of our inspiration from our right brain or subconscious and if our subconscious understands in images and pictures then how much does television hinder our spiritual ears. We have so many images roaming through our minds that it’s competing with the images from Heaven.

Ok, enough of that. The next point is short and simple. If we think about the world of the ancients, we know that they had to form their world where as our world has been formed for us. Meaning, they had to think at a different level than what we are required to think. They had to figure out things that we take for granted like, where are we going to sleep, a house? Ok well, what material will we build this house form, trees? Ok what tool will we need to cut down those trees, a saw? Ok how does a saw look, and what tool will we make a saw with? It can go on and on, but you see my point. Whenever we need food we go to the grocery store. Whenever we need to be clothed we go to a clothing store. Whenever we need medication we go to the hospital. Our world is prefabricated for us, which requires us to think less about invention and innovation. In our homes, to our automobiles, to our technologies, if it isn’t dirt, rocks, or grass someone has created it. In simple terms every day we are walking through someone else’s imagination, because before your kitchen table became your kitchen table it was an idea in a carpenters mind. Before your home became your home it was an idea in an architect’s mind, so why not begin to pull things out of our own imaginations so that we can both walk through our own imagination as well as have others also.

Technology isn’t bad at all. The only time technology becomes a problem is when it causes us to think at a lesser capacity than we were able to think before.

So, because we have so much competing with the voice of God and since our world is prefabricated for us, it would seem as if the ancients were much more intelligent than us, but based on the facts I would beg to differ.




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2 responses to “Ancient Societies: Were They Really Smarter

  1. Ashta Jordan

    VERY insightful… …our world is a maze through the imaginations of others…which at times definitely leads me to believe that ancient people were more intelligent (or at least were able to use more of their brain on a consistent level) than us. I can understand if someone believes to the contrary, however, not only do we have to think and act on a lesser scale (because so much has already been done for us), but think of the vast wealth of knowledge already laid out before us, in the event that we DO attempt to turn our imaginations into reality.

    Great post, brother!

  2. Thanks bro, always enjoy your insight. I agree there is a vast amount of knowledge at our disposal. Mistakes that have been made that we don’t have to make. So, in some respects, yeah it is good that most things have already been done. Innovation should be our vocation.

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