Perfection: The Never Ending Deception

Perfection: The Never Ending Deception

The idea of perfection, we know of it and we sometimes hear that the pursuit of it may be in vain. However, for others we hear that perfection is the only way to go. Perfection is the goal if we hope to make progress and advancement that the ideas of the precedent generations have not been able to make. Why is perfection characterized so badly or conversely why is it a highly sought after endeavor?

 Is it spoken badly of because those who realize that they are flawed have an idea that they will never reach perfection no matter how hard they try? Is this a defense mechanism that leaves them with an ounce of hope to say that their flaws aren’t that bad and they really are that good? Or is it that they live by the phrase, “WhY SO SserioUS?” Is this a cop-out for them to hide under? Nonetheless, what about the people who seek after perfection? Are they overachieving, faith filled hopefuls, who do not realize that perfection is like chasing after the wind? What is perfection exactly? Webster classifies it as the quality or state of being perfect: the highest degree of excellence: the act or process of perfecting.

So you may be saying, “So what’s your stance and concern about perfection?” Well, I guess I am one of those overachieving faith filled hopefuls, but I do not believe that perfection is like chasing after the wind. To be honest we all have flaws to iron out of our character. The pursuit of perfection is not a bad thing. I mean wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who penned the phrase, the pursuit of a “more perfect union.” Whatever that really means, but the result is the United States of America, enough said.

That’s my stance, but my concern is this. I am an avid observer of the actions of others, and I have always pondered on why people are fanatics for top athletes and celebrities. I mean, isn’t it crazy at how we glue ourselves to the lives of these people who we don’t know and probably never will. So what is it that makes people so spooky over celebrities? You’ve guessed it, its perfection. Think about it, people aren’t pressed over the celeb (well maybe in some cases they are); people are IMpressed over their pursuit of perfection. Why else would anyone behave the way they would at a concert like the late and great, Michael Jackson. It’s a well-known fact that he pursued perfection and we could see it in his work. No one could dance like him, and his perfect dance moves didn’t come overnight. Just like Michael Jordan’s ability to score with ease, it didn’t come over night. It came from hours and hours of practice, and hours of self scrutiny and polishing their crafts.

Or just name any celebrity that you can think of or a celeb that you like. What you will find out is that even if they completely suck at what they do (which I find hard to believe) they are still ten times better than the average person. Believe it or not folks, we all as human beings have an innate want to chase after perfection. It was given to us by our creator so that we can chase after Him. Yes God is perfect. This is what we truly are chasing after. Perfection in its completeness. Think about it.


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